Kavita Bhavan, MD, MSH, Associate Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease at UT Southwestern Medical Center, will present her nationally recognized work this week at the 2016 IHI National Forum in Orlando, Florida. Her acclaimed in-home antibiotic infusion therapy approach empowers patients to take ownership of their care through self administration at home.

The program, tested extensively at Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, has seen upwards of $7.6M in annual direct savings, when compared to inpatient treatments, and a 35% reduction in hospital readmissions for high cost, high complexity patients. These results, and the potential cost savings, are significant. Pieces Tech estimates that Medicaid benefits could see up to a 40% savings for in-home services as this program expands.

“Powering the S-OPAT program with our Pieces DS platform will allow us to rapidly roll out the program to hospitals across the country.” says Anand Shah, MD, Chief Clinical Officer at Pieces Technologies, “working with Dr. Bhavan and UT Southwestern Medical Center we’ll be able to ensure consistent implementation across diverse healthcare systems, and create a cohort of health providers for further study. The Pieces DS Platform, and the analytics behind it, will allow for continuous learning and benchmarking in this area.”

Learn more during Dr. Kavita Bhavan’s Session. Disruptive Innovations: Self Care & Health Equity, on Tuesday afternoon at the IHI National Forum, or follow @piecestech as we live tweet her session.