Pieces™ Decision Sciences

We have a model for Sepsis | COPD | Pediatric Asthma | (Your Clinical Problem)

Real-time Clinical Support 

Pieces™ Decision Sciences (DS) is an end-to-end analytics solution for solving complex clinical problems. We don’t just provide a toolkit and a platform – we have a team of clinicians and data scientists that know where the opportunities are, and how to realize cost and quality improvement through data-driven insights and actionable interventions. 


Discover opportunities for clinical improvement

Predict which patients need precision interventions with class-leading accuracy

Reduce variabilities in clinical care cost & quality 

Enforce enterprise standards of care


Reduce adverse events

Solve complex clinical problems in weeks, not years

Offload labor-intensive chart reviews, abstractions, and reporting tasks

Identify The Clinical Problem Space

our platform integrates data from multiple sources to ensure a comprehensive clinical picture

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Our platform consumes structured data & runs it through NLP enhanced models to help you improve clinical, financial and operational workflows

Return Your Investment

utilize actionable interventions to strategically align with outcomes-based reimbursement, reduce cost-of-care, and simplify the process of learning and implementing evidence-based practices

Lightweight EHR Integrations

Predictive Modeling

Real-Time Interventions

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Pieces™ Whitecoat

Add clinical knowledge, without adding more staff

Our team of clinicians and data scientists use natural language processing and advanced analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.  From population analysis to chart reviews our team can help you optimize your clinical environment.